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Systematics Users - Free upgrade to RTI Compliant Payroll


As you are aware, from April 2013 employers like yourselves must comply with HMRC’s RTI requirements. If your existing software provider has not released an RTI enabled upgrade yet, the chances are that you may not be able to continue to use the software beyond March 2013. The good news is that, we offer a completely FREE upgrade to Accentra Payroll software which has been successfully tested by HMRC for RTI compliance. Some of our clients have already been on the pilot scheme since Nov 2012 and we have successfully completed all the testing.

Switching over to new software has never been easy. Hours and hours of time spent on learning and the prospect of re-keying all the data manually can be intimidating for many. But with Accentra upgrade, you can relax!

  • With its familiar interface, you can get up & running, virtually instantly
  • The upgrade comes with a built-in data migration tool that will transfer all your existing data smoothly and safely – including all your previous years data!

If you wish, you can join the RTI scheme as early as 15th Feb 2013 and avoid the hassle of EOY deadlines.

Our offer

  • Free upgrade to Accentra Payroll & Financials
  • Free data migration services
  • We will honor your existing support contracts with any other company
  • Fix the support price at current level for 2 more year from the date your contract is due for renewal

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