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Accentra ERP Suite – Payroll & Financials

Accentra ERP suite is a state of the art business automation software integrated with a powerful accounting & payroll engine. Truly modular by design, Accentra ERP suite is designed to turn your business into a smarter & stronger organisation by making technology work for you at an affordable cost.

A few compelling reasons why your business needs Accentra…

  • Superior Open-Year design that allows you to keep several years data live. No year-end hiccups whatsoever!
  • Management Reporting across multiple years, including year-on-year & month-on-month comparisons.
  • Multi-currency system across all modules.
  • Built-in document & transaction search engine with complete drill-down facility.
  • Audit trail tracking mechanism for deleted/amended entries.
  • Powerful multi-tier transaction analysis facility.
  • Automated Invoice/Delivery Notes generation routines.
  • Automated batch payment facility for suppliers.
  • E-Commerce Enabled.
  • Open for Customisation & Add-on development by third party software developers.

Powered by Microsoft SQL Server for Fast and Reliable Performance
Remote Login enabled via VPN/RDP!
Interfaces with 3rd Party Applications seamlessly
Data Import and Export using Industry Standard Formats!

Accentra – Your Partner in the UK for SAP services

Sales Ledger

Purchase Ledger

Nominal Ledger

Bank Book


Stock Control

Sales Invoicing

Purchase Invoicing

Sales Order Processing

Purchase Order Processing



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